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How to Get Your Blog Indexed by Google in 24 Hours

  • Tuesday, 31 August 2010
  • Tommy MIA
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  • How can you get your blog indexed by Google in 24 hours? There is a lot of conflicting search engine optimization information available; especially when it comes to trying to beat the natural ranking systems and having your blog rank high in Google right from the start. While it’s possible to make a blog and have it indexed almost straight away, most people go about doing so with a poor overall strategy for success.

    Ranking high on Google is all about long-term thinking, and going out to win everything in the first day will often see you wasting time and opportunity without getting anything in return. However, it’s very much possible to be indexed by Google in 24 hours or less. After you make a blog, just follow these simple ideas and you’ll see your website show up in the search results within a day.

    1: Submit your blog to Google
    Obviously you’ve got to submit your new blog to Google before it can be indexed. Some free blogging platforms will submit your blog for free, while others, especially self-hosted blogging platforms, require you to do it yourself. Either way, it’s an easy 5-minute job that can be done alongside other, more time consuming tasks. Use the Google webmasters tools to verify your site. Here’s how:
    Step 1: Go to google.com/webmasters. Sign in using your Google Account or create an account if you don’t have one already.
    Step 2: Add your blog site by clicking the “Add a site” button. Then type in the domain name you wish to add, and click “Continue”.
    Step 3: Once added you will need to verify that you own this site. This can be done one of two ways, Meta Tag or Upload a HTML file. The Meta Tag way is, by far the easiest.
    Step 4: Meta Tag verification. This method requires you to add a piece of code to your header.php file. Copy the Meta Tag code Google has asked you to copy to your blog site.
    Step 5: In your WordPress dashboard go to “Appearance”, then “Editor” using the menu tabs on the left hand side.
    Then click on Header (header.php) on the right hand side to open up the header template. Find the tag highlighted, and BELOW it “paste” in the verification Meta tag Google has given you.
    Step 6: Then scroll down and click on “Update File”
    Step 7: Go back to the Google Webmasters Tool website and click “Verify” and Google will confirm that you own the site.
    Step 8: After verifying, Google will display a confirmation page.

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