Monday, 28 March 2011


What Can You Do on Facebook?

  • Monday, 28 March 2011
  • Tommy MIA
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  • In upcoming chapters, we’ll look at the various ways you can use Facebook:

    n Reconnecting with old friends and making brand new ones
    n Keeping track of what your friends are saying, thinking, and doing
    n Sharing info with friends by posting notes, links, photos, and videos
    n Using applications to play games with friends around the world; spread the word about charities and political causes; recommend books, movies, and music; and much more
    n Inviting your friends to parties, performances, book groups, meetings, and any other kind of get-together you can dream up
    n Creating Groups and Pages to connect with others who have similar interests—and spread the word about creative projects and business endeavors I’ll also give you tips and strategies for dealing with common problems and concerns about Facebook:
    n How to protect your privacy and enjoy Facebook safely
    n How to evaluate friend requests from complete strangers
    n How to decide which apps are trustworthy and which ones to give the brush-off
    n How to avoid unintentionally annoying the bejabbers out of your Facebook friends
    n How to reduce the chances that your Facebook obsession will get you in hot water at work But for now, let’s start at the beginning, with a guided tour of Facebook’s most prominent features.

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